Ami's Introduction

Ami's Introduction

Hi, how are you doing? 

I conduct vegetarian cooking classes and also do catering services for different needs and occasions. I specialize in vegetarian cuisine coupled with a warm and homely touch in various multinational cuisines, like Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, and local Singaporean Cuisine.

I put my “heart” into these, so to speak, and believe that quality & presentation of food is very important in any cuisine. When planning a meal for a class or occasion, I take into consideration different criteria of the meal, like the colours of the food, the place, the occasion, its effects and the compatibility of different items, the time & of course the people at the dining table!  Any special requests regarding the ingredients of the food are looked into too.

If you would like to avail me of the cooking classes and/or catering services or have any special requests, please feel free to contact me via mobile phone or email.

I look forward to be able to work with you on this!


Mobile Phone: (65) 91446105