Ami’s ‘Vegetarian’ Heart

Ami’s ‘Vegetarian’ Heart

Ami is a self taught vegetarian cook with plenty of inspiration given by her Mother and her Mother-in-law, both excellent cooks in their own right. She specializes in vegetarian cooking in various multinational cuisines.

Ami grew up in Bombay (now known as Mumbai) in India. Bombay has always been a major cosmopolitan city, with a melting point of cultures from all over the World, thus giving exposure to the international cuisines experienced there.

Ami is also a folk art teacher, and cooking to her is a form of art. She believes that quality & presentation of food is very important in any form of cuisine. When preparing or planning a meal, she  looks into different criteria of the meal, like the colour of the food, the place, the occasion, the effects and the compatibility, the time & of course the people at the dining table!

She hails from a Hindu vegetarian family and did not have any exposure whatsoever to meat till she moved to Singapore after her marriage to a Singaporean in 1996! Imagine the culture shock she faced then. However, her commitment to Vegetarianism has remained steadfast and she has even inspired her husband to cut down on his meat eating ways! She has a husband who is a strong supporter of bringing her talents to the fore. Being a Singaporean, he had a strong penchant for local food and encouraged her to replicate local Singapore cuisine in a vegetarian fashion. He enjoys good quality food and is a great compliment to her by being a great test taster and a constructive critic of her cooking. Also, her late Father-in-law was a source of inspiration & encouragement to revive the traditional dishes.

Ami, who has also worked as a travel agent has picked up recipes, tips and ideas from this additional experience and is well read and knowledgeable about various places and their cuisines. She tastes and observes the presentation of the food and works on the recipe until she gets it just right.

 Ami is a new wave Vegetarian Chef who puts her “heart” into her craft and exhibits warmth and homely cooking in all her recipes.